Recursive Binary Search in C#

Basically, binary search is an efficient way to search a given value from a list of values. The following code example shows Recursive Binary Search in C#.

So, let us assume that we have a linear data structure such as an array. Our aim is to find a particular target value in the array. As can be seen, we can compare the target value with each of the values present in the array until we find a match. However, there is a much efficient way.

Accordingly, we compare the target value with the middle element of the array. If the target is smaller, we discard the second half of the array. Otherwise, we discard the first half. This procedure is repeated until either we find a match or the minimum index exceeds the maximum. In such a case, the target element is not present in the array.

The following code shows a recursive function that returns the index if the target is found. Otherwise, it returns -1. As can be seen, there are two recursive calls indicating the target is smaller than the middle element or larger.

using System;

namespace RecursiveBinarySearch
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            int[] arr = {78, 1, 6, 37, 96, 567, 123, 579, 23, 8, 18, 28, 58, 45, 2, 76};
            Console.WriteLine("Unsorted Array...");
            foreach (int x in arr)
                Console.Write(x + " ");
            Console.WriteLine("Sorted Array...");
            foreach (int x in arr)
                Console.Write(x + " ");
            Console.WriteLine("Enter the target value to search: ");
            int p = Int32.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
            int pos = RecursiveBinarySearch(arr, 0, arr.Length - 1, p);
        public static int RecursiveBinarySearch(int[] a, int min, int max, int t)
                int mid = (min + max) / 2;
                if (a[mid] == t)
                    return mid;
                if (a[mid] > t)
                    return   RecursiveBinarySearch(a, min, mid - 1, t);
            if (max < min) return -1;
            return RecursiveBinarySearch(a, mid + 1, max, t);


Demonstration of Recursive Binary Search in C#
Demonstration of Recursive Binary Search in C#

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